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Budget Dedicated Server

Perhaps your business has grown to a point where you no longer want to use a shared server.  It may be time for you to seek out a dedicated server, but you do not want to end up costing you a lot of money.  You can find a budget dedicated server by perusing some of the dedicated server directories online.

Finding a web site host on the internet can be a bit overwhelming.  When you first began your internet business, you most likely used a shared server to host your business website.

Shared servers have their advantages. They are generally inexpensive and many even offer templates to build your own website.  When you first got started on your internet business, you probably chose the most inexpensive and easy to use shared server that you could find to host your website.  You may even have allowed them to place ads on your website.

Not all shared websites have mandatory ads.  Some of them even allow you to place your own ads.  If you have incorporated ads into your website, such as with Adsense, you may even have earned extra revenue from your website, in addition to selling your products.

One of the drawbacks of a shared server, however, is that you are limited when it comes to both space and bandwidth.  The server can only handle a certain amount of traffic at one time.  If you are sharing the server with a bunch of other businesses getting substantial traffic to their websites, your customers may be having a difficult time getting to your website.  You could actually be losing sales without even knowing it, simply because you are using the wrong server.
A dedicated server can cost quite a bit more money per month, but it is your server.  You have control over it and you no longer have to worry about sharing it with other websites.  Your customers will be able to access your site with ease.

Years ago, people used to have party lines on telephones.  Four families would often share a phone line.  Only one family could be on the phone at a time and each family would have a certain distinctive ring when the phone was for them.  There was very little privacy as anyone could listen into a call and it was frustrating if you wanted to make a call and someone else was on the party line.

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Shared servers are similar to those party lines of long ago.  The same way we do not want to share our telephone line with others, if we have a large business and substantial traffic, we do not want our customers being turned away because someone else is on the "party line."

A dedicated server does not have to cost a fortune.  You can find a budget dedicated server in a variety of places on the internet.   You can find a budget dedicated server that will offer no start up costs for as low as $100 per month.  The difference in web hosting cost may be a bit more money, but may save you money in the long run by allowing increased traffic to your website.