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Need A Dedicated Server?

Congratulations on growing your internet business to the point where you have hundreds of visitors to your site each day!  It takes a while to build up an online business.   In most cases, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  You do not want to see that go out the window, however, if your customers are unable to access your website.

Are your customers finding it difficult to get through to you?  Do you need more space for your website?  Have you thought about the possibilities of hosting your own website and maybe even other websites relating to your business?  Do you need a dedicated server?

If any of the above scenario sounds familiar to you, you may very well be asking yourself  "do I need a dedicated server?"  The answer is "yes" if you plan on expanding your business and are steadily increasing traffic to your website.

When you started your internet business, you probably uploaded your website onto a shared server.  This is usually the best option for anyone starting out a business.  A shared server costs a lot less than a dedicated server and is the prudent option for a small business or personal website.

However, when your business starts to grow, you will want to look into obtaining a dedicated server.  A dedicated server hosts only your website.  This means that you get all of the space on the server to yourself.  This can enable you to grow your website even larger.

A dedicated server is the best option for a large or growing business.  Not only do you get more space for your website, enabling you to incorporate databases such as forums and shopping carts, but you also get more bandwidth.  Bandwidth is what allows the server to filter in customers from other servers.

On a shared server, you share bandwidth with other websites.  This can be fine if there is not enough traffic.  If, however, you suddenly begin to get more traffic to your website, you may actually end up losing customers if you do not have enough bandwidth.  The amount of bandwidth you have is crucial to the traffic you can handle on your website.

If your business is growing, chances are that you devoted a lot of time, effort and money into making your business grow.  You do not want to throw it all away now by clinging to a shared server because it is cheap.  While a dedicated server will cost more to maintain, it is well worth the extra cost.

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In addition to allowing more space and traffic to your website, a dedicated server that only hosts your website, can also be more secure.  You have security control over both the server and the website, thus doubling your security efforts.  This can be important to both you and your customers.

When shopping for a dedicated server on the internet, be aware of how much space you have now as well as bandwidth.  In most cases, you want to at least double that.  Take a look at the different dedicated servers that are on the market today to choose the one that is best for you and your business.